Making progress, possible.

Making progress, possible

Water Based Technologies to Replace Petroleum Solvents

Priming and protecting road bases during construction

Bond/Tack coating asphalt surfaces to guarantee the adhesion to asphalt layers

Surface Dressing

Standard and modified emulsions to extend pavement lives

Base Construction

Products to improve road bases

High performance Micro surfacing for airport runways and road maintenance

Emulsions for Cold Recycling

EP Emulsions work together with Repsol, Spain’s largest refining company, to offer the latest in bitumen emulsion technology to International markets.

Repsol emulsions have been in continuous development and in use for more than 50 years.

Thanks to continuous technology developments, focused on emulsion stability for prolonged periods, EP Emulsions are now able to offer a full range of bitumen emulsion products to replace traditional bitumen cutbacks (bitumen blended with a Petroleum solvent such as Kerosene) in International markets.

In addition to improved stability, these emulsions also offer significant performance, productivity and economic benefits for Governments, environmental agencies and their contractors.

Many countries have banned the use of bitumen cutbacks because they present significant risks both in storage and handling, and to workers during application.

EP Emulsions are covered by an up to date Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

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